Friday, March 18, 2011

WAGS Awesome Sale

I just got back from going to WAGS. CVS is my favorite drug store but WAGS right now has me hooked. I went in to exchange some Sinful Color nail polishes I got because I had duplicate of 2 colors without knowing and the other one just did not like. So when I walk in I notice there is a sign that says WOW Olay Body Wash $2.00. I immediately went and grabbed 3 bottles. I got Creme Body Was Plus Creme Ribbons, Body Butter Ribbons and Tone enriching ribbons. I remembered I had a coupon for Olay Body Wash. So, instead of paying $2.00 for them I paid 99 cents each  (I had 3 coupons). . Then while scanning my receipt I noticed one of them scanned at .98 cents. I was not watching her ring it up so I'm not sure which one it was but I will go back tomorrow and double check, that one I actually got for free. I'm assuming they are clearing those out for the new Olay body collection they already have on the shelves.

Then while on the checkout stand there was a Revlon display of the Colorburst Lipgloss. The cashier told me that they were on sale for $3.99 with the WAGS coupon. (Right now Revlon items are 40% off, Plus they have a WAGS $1.00 off coupon). I picked Crystal Lilac and used another manufacture coupon and ended up paying $3.48 that included tax.

But wait, the biggest sale and find was my sinful color purchase. Right now they are on sale 2 for $3.00. I purchased 6 bottles and instead of paying $9 I ended up paying $3 dollars for all. They were 50 cents each. What she did was scan the WAGS coupon 6 times because the WAGS coupon is 1.00 off any Sinful Nail color. Those WAGS coupons she had behind the counter from a little booklet. I did not see those by the WAGS sale paper so maybe they ran out and she only had one copy. Whatever it was I totally scored. I will post the nail colors plus my receipt later.

I hope your WAGS has these sales.


Juan said...

That pic looks familiar.... :)

Rayleen said...

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