Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stila Color Balm Lipsticks & Swatches

I purchased these at IMATS. I saw them and I thought ehh, I don't think I want them. I had not swatched them yet but what drew me to them was this color called betsey. I walked around and did not think about them again, until we were about to leave. Betsey kept calling my name and I walked over and swatched them. I was in LOVE..

Let me tell you a little something about why I do not like Stila lipsticks. Back in the day before the brand was sold the lipsticks used to last about 4 to 6 months and then started to smell funny and the textures changed. The old cardboard packing did not help that either. I had about 4 lipsticks and ALL of them turned ugly. Since then I vowed never to buy Stila lipsticks again.

Well, what a couple of years make and the brand being sold. These are not their regular lipsticks and they are not in cardboard packing either. I don't think they even sell regular lipsticks anymore do they? They are cute and even have a mirror on the top of the tube. I am hoping they are not the same formulation as the previous lipsticks they had but I doubt it since these are labeled balms.

From their website:

A modern take on traditional lipstick, this creamy lip color provides the full pigment load of a lipstick, yet delivers the nourishing properties of a balm. Featuring a luxe, satin finish, this formula offers excellent color payoff while phyto-derived emollient properties deliver hydrated, healthy lips. Naturally cooling peppermint oil provides a fresh and rejuvenating sensation on the lips, while an exclusive certified organic sunflower-based polyglyceride soothes, smoothes, and adds volume and definition to lips.

We've pre-launched multiple shades, with more to come!

Features & Benefits:

  • Luxuriously creamy and hydrating formula with excellent phytoderived emollient properties
  • Certified organic sunflower based polyglycerides hydrates and smooth lip contours, while adding volume and definition
  • Naturally cooling peppermint oil is an emollient-rich botanical that provides excellent antiseptic and astringent benefits with a refreshing tingle that both soothes and stimulates irritated lips
  • Knocked-out Stila logo on cap, color-matched to the shade within for easy at-shelf navigation
  • A handy mirror on top of the cap for easy application on-the-go

Now, they are right on the full pigment these lipsticks do pack a punch of color. When you apply, they apply easily and you will smell peppermint which is smoothing to the lips. I purchased Betsey and Amelia. Betsey is a bright magenta pink on the tube and when swatched you can see it has a blue tone magenta pink to it. I cannot wear it full on from the tube because it is bright. I did apply slightly as more of a stain and I LOVED it. It did last about 4 hrs without having to re-apply. Amelia is a pink as well but more toned down and it is a medium pink. They are creamy and smooth and feel wonderful on the lips and they are cooling on the lips as well. My lips are a little chapped right now and Amelia looks better than the Betsey because even though they are a balm they will emphasize dry spots.
The packaging is super cute. They have a mirror and the inside lining of the lipstick is the same shade as the lipstick. The outside letters that say STILA are also the same color of the lipstick.
Overall, this lipstick deserves a B because I'm hoping that they will last at least 6 months without changing. Why 6 months, because I am a lipstick addict and have so many that I  need time to try them out.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Flower Cosmetics Haul

My flower haul just came via FedEx. I will be trying the items in the next couple of weeks and post a review shortly.
I can tell you that the BB Cream swatched pretty good. Lets hope it's a good one.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

IMATS 2013

I have gone to IMATS for the last 5 years and the first year was the best. I took some pictures but the pictures do not really show how crowded it was. I was really disappointed this year. Not only was it too early (January) but MUFE was not there and neither was Urban Decay or NYX. MUFE was being sold by Naime's but it was not the same as if they had been there. It seems like IMATS is more of a consumer show rather than a trade show which is why I think there were less makeup brands there. I remember the first time I went Clarisonic was there and they have not been back since.
Enjoy the pics.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Gloss Review

I caved and bought the new Sexy Booster gloss from Physicians Formula. I was more intrigued by the scent than anything else, after all it is suppose to have Pheromone boosting blend. Well I am happy to say that is smells like vanilla and the smell does not last long.
It has a doe foot wand and it has the cutest packaging. They have two colors Pink and Red and I chose the Red. It's a gloss that is also a stain and is kissproff. Well, it does stain and it does come out like a gloss but has the finish of a lipstick. Once the shine comes off (and it does) it acts more like a stain but the color is diminished. So you are left with like a red tinted lip that looks like you were drinking a lot of kool-aid. I do not like that look so after eating you need to re-apply. The color is not that bright like on my picture (my camera phone was not cooperating) but it's more of a muted cool based red.
Overall, it's not a bad purchase and I'm pleasantly surprised that the smell does go away and the color does suit my skin tone. I don't know if I will purchase the Pink one though. Thoughts?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

More Physicians Formula Sightings

Physicians Formula is quickly going to earn the cutest makeup award of the new year. I spotted up high this new display. It's bronzers. I'm a fan of their bronzer booster. I was going to pass on the sexy bronzer but I may not pass on this one.

One is an illuminating bronzer veil and the other is baked bronzer which you can use wet or dry. They are suppose to be glowing and mood boosting bronzing powders. I may have to get the bronzing veil. Instead of the pebbles they usually have they now have hearts.

Can't wait.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Makeup

I'm super excited about this post. I saw this today at CVS and I thought it was the cutest collection of the New Year. I have seen many new collections in the past couple of weeks and this is by far the cutest. Notice the coupons on the packaging, I will be getting my hands on these when CVS has them on sale.

Physicians Formula came out with a collection called Sexy Booster Makeup. It's suppose to give you a sexy glow. I'm excited and anxious at the same time. The packaging is cute and the blush and bronzer are gorgeous.
The Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush comes in two shades Natural and Rose. The blush has the imprint of a shoe and the packaging is made to look like fishnet stalkings with a little bow and shoe charm to go with it.
The bronzer is equally stunning to the eye. It has the same fishnet stalking packaging but it has the imprint of a corset. The bronzer has two shades as well Light Bronze and I think the other says bronze as well.
The last item is the Sexy Glow Glossy Stain. It's suppose to have intense color and high shine. The packaging also says it is kiss proof wear. This also have the little shoe charm on it as well. The gloss comes in two colors red and pink or rose.
Now for the not so cute part. Notice that the packaging says it has a Pheromone Boosting Blend and a Seductive Scent. I don't know about you but I'm not too big on my cosmetics having a scent to them. I'm really curious to find out if this is heavily scented or if it goes away.
If your lucky and you have a Rite-Aid by you, stop by and see if they have this collection. If you do get lucky you may grab it at 40% off until Saturday the 5th.

Happy New Year....

It's 2013 and the weather is beautiful albeit a little cold. I hope you and your family have a healthy and happy New Year. I have so many New Year resolutions that make my head hurt, but the one that I will fight to keep no matter what is to be healthy this year. Do you have any New Year resolutions?