Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nars Orgasm Illuminator

Happy Thursday..I thought I'd write a quick post about what I've been trying lately. In one of my birchbox samples I received the NARS Orgasm Illuminator. The consistency is liquid so you have to smooth it on with your fingertips. I have the blush so I thought I'd try the illuminator, as a highlight. I put it on and I could not see anything. So I put some more on, and it's OK it does give a subtle sheen. I can't even say glow because it looked like a sheen to me. It is very sheer once you blend it out.
 I'd rather stick to the blush or the multiple stick. I like the control I have with the multiple or the blush. Have you used the NARS Orgasm Illuminator? How do you apply it? Do you like the blush, illuminator or the multiple?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

(Expired) Free Full Size Origins Cleanser on Earth Day

On April 22 you can trade in your current skincare item full or empty and get either Checks and Balances or A Perfect World free. These are full sizes. Get your form here. While supplies last so get there early.

New Beauty Products from Payless Shoe Source

I was at the mall yesterday and I came up some new (to me at least) makeup displays at Payless Shoes. I took some pictures and what caught my eye were some sets on sale for $5.00. They include 3 lip shimmers, 1 body mist and 1 hand cream. They look perfect for travel and not a bad price. It looks like they have bronzers, eyeshadows, nail polishes and some body care items. Have you seen this or tried it at your local mall?

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Friday, April 15, 2011

FREE BBW Into the WIld Body Lotion Preview (EXPIRED)

Hello blog readers and Happy Friday!
I have a freebie for you. Bath and Body Works is having a FREE 2oz preview of their latest scent called Into the Wild. This freebie is only from April 15-16.
According to the BBW website Into the Wild is: a seductive blend of exotic mandarin, lush petals, and white woods inspired by a sensuous escape into the jungle.
Get your free coupon here.
What is your favorite Bath and Body Works scent? Did you get your freebie?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Maybelline FIT ME Foundation and Powder Review and Swatches

I have been a little hesitant in writing this review because I know that the Maybelline FIT ME foundation is not new it's been out for a while. But I thought I'd share my review with you anyway.
According to the Maybelline website this is what is says: No oils, no waxes, no nonsense, Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be…fresh, breathing, natural, Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin's natural highs and lows to show through, Non-comedogenic, dermatologist-tested

 I like the concept about having many different choices of color. My MAC foundation color is NC37 or NC40 depending on the time of year. I do have a yellow undertone to my skin but I also have the problem of red cheeks. When I tried the FIT ME I chose the color 220 in Natural Beige because it had the right amount of yellow for me. I also bought the Compact Powder because I figure if it was designed to match why not? Plus CVS had a BOGO offer. At the time I tried it my face was clear (Right now my left cheek is breaking out due to hypothyroidism). The consistency is fairly thin and easy to apply. The coverage is medium. If I would have had any blemishes this foundation would not have covered them at all without a heavy concealer. I applied it with my fingers and then blended it a little more evenly with my Sonia Kashuk foundation sponge. The coverage was Ok. I then applied the powder with a powder brush. My face seemed ok, not flawless but good enough for me. The color which is the most important for me was actually pretty good, good enough for a drugstore brand. However, my good review ended there with the good color match. I have combo skin and after about the 3 hr mark my face started to get oily. I blotted and then applied more powder. I did that about every 3 hrs or so. I went home and then washed my face as usual. Well, the next morning my face had broken out. UGH.....The only thing I used different was the foundation and powder my routine stayed the same. I would not recommend this for anyone with combo or oily skin and if you have sensitive skin (acne prone, etc) I would stay away. I returned both items to the Drugstore for my money back. Oh well back to trying to find a drugstore foundation that no only matches but also covers without making me breakout. What is your favorite drugstore foundation?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Free Candy or Beverage & Free Essence of Beauty at CVS

In honor of trying to get you hyped up for coupons I'm posting up a freebie that's easy to get. CVS is having a free candy or beverage coupon. All you need to do is follow them on twitter and then enter your CVS card number. You will then receive an email for your free coupon. The coupon expires on 4/17/2011. Just remember go to your twitter account and follow CVS and you should see the offer there. While your at it follow me on twitter too eslasdaugther twitter page.

Then go to your facebook page and like the CVS beauty Club. Go to their special offers and enter your card again and get another email for your free FULL SIZE Essence of Beauty Antibacterial item. This coupon expires on 4/18/2011.
What scent of Antibac are you getting?
Did you get your free beverage or candy coupon? What candy are you getting? I'm thinking M&M's...

Coupon Mania

Who does not like a free goodie or a coupon off your Holy Grail foundation or mascara?? I'm always looking for a good deal especially in this economy. Lately I have been obsessed with coupons and how to save money with coupons. I watched Extreme Couponing on the TLC channel last week. Although it was entertaining in my opinion it was not realistic. Every store has different coupon rules and most of them can let you stack 1 or 2 coupons but not double 50 coupons at the same time in 1 transaction. Anyway, I do think it was allowed only for the purpose of the TLC show because I doubt any regular consumer can do that.

I wanted to share with you some blogs and sites that I do love. These ladies are very helpful and they do give out some good info. I have compiled a list of blogs and sites you can browse. I really wish I could find a site that was local to Southern Cali. It seems a lot of these ladies are not local so some of their supermarket deals cannot apply to me. I need someone with access to a Vons or Ralphs. If any of you know a coupon site that is local to me please post it. Do you coupon? Do you have a favorite site? What crazy deal have you received with a coupon?

Blogs and Sites:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Target Beauty Bag Freebie

Sorry that I have not posted I have not been feeling well. Having thyroid problems sucks. But anyway I was excited to get my free Sonia Kashuk beauty bag. I got this free from for those who were lucky enough to get it. Sadly the promotion has ended. I'm super excited to try the Neutrogena lip balm. My lips have been super dry since I got sick two months ago and I can't really find anything to keep them from being this chapped. I was also excited for the coupon booklet. I can use those coupons and stack them with any other manufacture coupons I may have. Is there anything you use for chapped lips? Did you get a Target beauty bag?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tag I'm it.........

The fantastic Heather from Simply Heather tagged me and here is my response.

Food - Hmm I like comfort food but no fish :)
2. Colour - I love neutrals
3. Animal - Cows and Chickens
4. Sports Team - The Boston Red Sox
5. Dessert - Always
6. Artist/Singer/Band - I'm stuck in the 80's. Madonna, Depeche Mode, etc.
7. Pair of Shoes - flip flops or flats
8. Outfit - jeans and a comfortable t-shirt
9. Skinny Jeans - for the skinny people ONLY
10. Brand - LB, H&M, Anne Taylor, The Gap, Old Navy
11. Perfume - I'm really liking 2 right now Halle Berry Pure Orchid and Valentino Absolu
12. Accessory - my tous gold star earrings and my wedding ring
13. City - I've lived in a couple of places but nothing beats L.A.
14. Hobby - blogging reading blogs, makeup, quilting and coupon cliping
15. Beauty Product - My sunscreen of SPF 30
16. Snack-  Sugar snap Peas
17. Holiday - Christmas and Thanksgiving
18. Movie - Action and comedy, romance
19. Song- Right now Britney

20. Guilty Pleasure - George Clooney