Monday, April 11, 2011

Coupon Mania

Who does not like a free goodie or a coupon off your Holy Grail foundation or mascara?? I'm always looking for a good deal especially in this economy. Lately I have been obsessed with coupons and how to save money with coupons. I watched Extreme Couponing on the TLC channel last week. Although it was entertaining in my opinion it was not realistic. Every store has different coupon rules and most of them can let you stack 1 or 2 coupons but not double 50 coupons at the same time in 1 transaction. Anyway, I do think it was allowed only for the purpose of the TLC show because I doubt any regular consumer can do that.

I wanted to share with you some blogs and sites that I do love. These ladies are very helpful and they do give out some good info. I have compiled a list of blogs and sites you can browse. I really wish I could find a site that was local to Southern Cali. It seems a lot of these ladies are not local so some of their supermarket deals cannot apply to me. I need someone with access to a Vons or Ralphs. If any of you know a coupon site that is local to me please post it. Do you coupon? Do you have a favorite site? What crazy deal have you received with a coupon?

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