Friday, October 28, 2011

Review Revlon Lip Butters

I've had these for a couple of weeks and wanted to give them time before I reviewed them. At first, they remind me of the Clinique Buttershine Lipsticks. I LOVE the Clinique Buttershine lipsticks my favorite one is Adore U. Clinique's retail for $14.50 while Revlon's are about half the price. The picture above is from Rite Aid. I bought three, Red Velvet, Berry Smoothie and Creme Brulee. All the colors are really nice and they apply like well, butter. They are really smooth and feel nice on the lips not sticky at all which is nice. They have a nice shine to them as well, not as much as a lipgloss but enough that it makes the color stand out. I've been wearing Red Velvet and Creme Brulee the most and I must say the color holds true with both of them. I especially like Red Velvet even though I have had really bad chapped lips the color glides on and does not make my lips worse. You know that chapped lips and red lipstick do not go together but I have to say that these work well for me.
The colors are really pigmented. Red Velvet is a nice red that goes well with any skin color. It's more of a warm red than blue and can almost pass as a dark berry color and does not have shimmer in it which is nice for a change. Creme Brulee is a nice nude with slight shimmer. It's not too nude where it makes you look dead but can work as a tinted lip balm almost but it's not as thick as a lipbalm is. Berry  Smoothie is a nice subtle pinkish hue with some slight golden shimmer to it when it hits the light a certain way. This color will be gorgeous for the spring.

My final thought is that I love them and I will buy more colors. I will buy them when they have BOGO or when some has them for 40% off. Great lipstick, good staying power (about 4 hrs) and nice consistency. I like the packaging as well.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Be Enchanted Lotion at BBW Oct 14-16

If you visit a mall this weekend be sure to stop by a Bath and Body Works store for this freebie.
 It's a 2 oz lotion called Be Enchanted and it's described as a Frosted Florals sweetened with Sparkling Sugared Pomegrante. Sounds sweet. Click here for your coupon. It's only good until Sunday the 16th of Oct. If you get it let me know what if you like how it smells. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lumene Lift Touch Revitalizing Cleansing Oil

I was at my favorite store CVS and knew I had to buy something from Lumene. I had a coupon and their stuff was BOGO 75% off. I could not pass up that deal. I purchased the Revitalizing Cleansing Oil and my 75% off item was the Matt Touch Deep-Cleansing Peat Mask. I started using this cleanser two weeks ago. I chose this because the bottle said Clarifying & Smoothing but was a little iffy because it's for dry/ extra dry skin. My skin is combination at this moment but on some spots it's really dry, anyway the clarifying part is what sold me. I was having some breakouts again on my left cheek and my chin. I thought why not let's hope this works. Now, let me say that I am a fan of the Oil Cleansing Method. If you are new to OCM please go here. But basically the OCM is usually a carrier oil like jojoba or castor and another oil like sunflower, almond, etc. You massage the oil onto your skin for about 5 to 10 min and you will start feeling the white heads and black heads come out of your pores. Yes, I know seeing is believing but I am a believer. Anyway, I started using the Lumene oil the same way by massaging it to my skin for a couple of min and then rinsing off. Because I had not used the OCM method in such a long time when I use it I usually break out for a couple of days and then my skin is clear, but sometimes the OCM method is a pain because in my experience I had to use another cleanser to remove the oils. With Lumene I find that I do not have to use another cleanser, once I rinse this off my skin is supple and smooth. After two weeks I am happy to say that my face is clear and my skin has never felt better. I love this cleanser. If your wearing a lot of makeup I would recommend taking if off first and then using this oil. I don't think it's really made to take makeup off, although I used it when I had my Sonia Kashuk TM and it worked just fine. It does have a slight flowery fragrance to it. The packaging is not the best, the oil shoots out and makes the bottle really oily but other than that it's good. Have you used the OCM method or the Lumene cleansing Oil? What other Lumene products have you tried?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

NOTD L'Oreal Owl's Night Project Runway Collection

I'm automatically drawn to nice displays. I saw this at my local CVS and it caught my eye. I had a hard time taking a pic of it since it changes colors a lot. I was drawn to the nail polishes first, I did see and also buy the eyeshadows but they are a disappointment. The pigmentation on them sucks. Anyway, I bought Owl's Night because of the way it seemed to morf into different colors. The color is a dark brown with gold sparks but it can change with the light. It can also seem dark greenish and also even black at times. The consistency is easy to work with and I applied two coats with my fav seche Vite on top. I LOVE this color and I might be buying more of this collection but only the nail polishes. What do you think?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Salma Hayek Nuance Front & Center Concealer & Brightener

I think other than my quest for the HG of foundation (which I have not yet found) I'm also on the HG of concealer. I usually stay away from drugstore brands because I have not had any luck with any of them. I saw this from the new Nuance collection and decided to give it a try. What caught my eye is that it's on the peachy side. I love my Eve Pearl Salmon concealer and have yet to find a peach at the drustroe aisle. So, I purchased it and forgot about it until a couple of days ago. It's creamy and does have the peach color that my dark circles need in order to hide them or minimize them. I like that it's in the form of a lipstick and that it's in a tube and not in a pot form. It blends nicely and does hide minimize my dark circles. If I have not had a good night's sleep I still need put concealer on top. My fav one is from Estee Lauder the Doublewear concealer in warm/light medium. But on days that I have minimal darkness this does the trick.

Let's move on to the brightener. I find that this does nothing for me. It does not brighten for me at all. I tried putting it on where highlighter normally goes and nothing. For brightening it does nothing but it does help concealing. I've tried it alone under my eyes and it cover slightly. It does have more of a peachy/pink shade but I also need concealer and can't wear this alone.

Overall, I do think it's a good concealer/brightener for the price. And you can't find a peachy color like this at the drug store. If you have minimal darkness that needs concealing you might be able to just use this and the brightener, but if your like me that on certain days you need more coverage you can use this but be prepared to use a concealer as well.

I just purchased the Instant Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circles in 50 Neutralizer. I'm going to try to use them together and see the results. I'll have a review for the Maybelline Eraser in a few days.
Have you tried this concealer?