Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Gloss Review

I caved and bought the new Sexy Booster gloss from Physicians Formula. I was more intrigued by the scent than anything else, after all it is suppose to have Pheromone boosting blend. Well I am happy to say that is smells like vanilla and the smell does not last long.
It has a doe foot wand and it has the cutest packaging. They have two colors Pink and Red and I chose the Red. It's a gloss that is also a stain and is kissproff. Well, it does stain and it does come out like a gloss but has the finish of a lipstick. Once the shine comes off (and it does) it acts more like a stain but the color is diminished. So you are left with like a red tinted lip that looks like you were drinking a lot of kool-aid. I do not like that look so after eating you need to re-apply. The color is not that bright like on my picture (my camera phone was not cooperating) but it's more of a muted cool based red.
Overall, it's not a bad purchase and I'm pleasantly surprised that the smell does go away and the color does suit my skin tone. I don't know if I will purchase the Pink one though. Thoughts?

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