Friday, April 20, 2012

Splurge VS Steal Estee Lauder VS Maybelline

I'm always on the look out of a good Splurge VS Steal. There are many that claim they are good enough to be compared but they are always lacking something. The color might be right but the staying power is not and so on. I think I might have found a good one here. I'm comparing Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place shadow creme with Maybelline's Color Tattoo 24hr eyeshadow. I've had the Estee Lauder for a while and just got the color tattoo a month ago. I was arranging my creme eyeyshadows when I noticed that these might be similar.
The Estee Lauder color is 05 Vintage Violet and the Maybelline is 30 Pomegranate Punk.

When I swatched the colors on my arm after one minute they would both NOT budge. They really have staying power. I've tried both separately and I must say that in the end they come close but Estee Lauder stays more true to the color than the Maybelline color tattoo. But both are pretty good eyeshadows. I'm comparing the color, staying power and the price. You can buy the Estee Lauder Double Wear online here or at your local department store for $18.50. Maybelline color tattoo can be bought at any drugstore for about $7.00.

Estee Lauder's consistency is really creamy and this color is gorgeous. It's a true shimmery deep purple. It has little gold flecks thru it and I love this color. My favorite way to apply this is with my finger and then I blend, blend, blend. My eyelids are really oily and usually need primer but not with this. It does stay on for 8 hours without fading. The staying power is excellent. The price is a little steep but I think I'm going to have this for a while as it seems a little goes a long way. I've had it for about six months and so far no signs of drying out.

Maybelline's consistency can be described as a little more grainy. The color is not an exact dupe of the Estee Lauder because this one more on the copper side and the gold flecks are more larger and the shimmer is more noticeable with Pomegranate Punk. You can tell how close the color comparison is in the picture where they are on my fingertips. You can also tell the creamier consistency of Estee Lauder. The color stays on for about 6 hours and begins to fade by the end of the day. It's not completely gone but I did notice fading. You can't beat the price especially when you get them at BOGO like I did.

In the end, they are both incredibly similar and if your on a budget you must try the color tattoo. However if you want to splurge Estee Lauder is the way to go and it will last you forever.

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