Friday, April 20, 2012

Fifty Shades of Dissapointment

Yes, I did it. I jumped on the bandwagon and read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E.L. James. By the end of the first book I was Fifty Shades Intrigued, by book two I was Fifty Shades Excited, by book three I was Fifty Shades of WTHeck......I will try not to give any spoilers out but darnit why couldn't the author have put a little bit more thought to the end of the series??? I soooo wanted to not like this especially after I heard it's a wanna be Twilight series. But I thought wait, Twilight is not about BDSM unless I missed something and Edward is not a billionaire who is an obsessive controller who likes submissives. Or is he? If you don't know what BDSM is look it up, I want to keep my blog friendly :)Well whatever the case I wanted to read it. And I liked it but don't know what the fascination is all about. Do I want a billionaire boyfriend heck yes (don't tell my hubby he knows that I'll leave him only for George Clooney). Do I want to be flown on helicopters, of course. Do I want my every whim granted, who wouldn't. But do I want my rich billionaire boyfriend to hit me with a belt because it makes him feel better, well hmmm I don't know but I don't think so. Or do I??? Let me tell you that Fifty AKA Christin is HOT...Ana is ok and by the end of the book I wanted her to play harder to get, have a little spine, show some dignity. Don't get me wrong I AM A HUGE FAN OF THE SERIES, but I totally wanted the ending to be different. A friend said that, "the author was in a rush to get to the bank to cash the check before everyone realized the writing was crap"! I can agree with her. Now, the books are going to be made into a movie. Yes a movie....People want Ryan Gosling to play Fifty and I can see that but it's not my choice. I can however, see Christian Bale playing Fifty. He's proven to be one crazy hot guy in American Psycho so why not a controlling, dominating billionaire?????
Please don't be discouraged read the book the intimate parts are not that bad and there is a love story to it and it's intriguing.

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