Thursday, August 25, 2011

Salma Hayek Nuance Ultra Shine Lip Gloss Review

This is my second review of a Nuance product and I can tell you it's not my last. I bought the pressed mineral foundation, an eyeliner, lipsticks, and blush that I will be reviewing in the next couple of days.
I really like the concept of Nuance. Yes, it's by a celebrity but I find Salma Hayek refreshing. She's a timeless beauty and seems natural. Anyway, I really like her products at least most of them. If your going to the drugstore buy this lip gloss. I bought the color Pomegranate 125. It's a nice Peach Coral color. It does have a sweet taste of some fruit but does not taste gross. When I put it on it does not feel sticky and it glides on the lips. I can compare this to Lancome's Juicy Tubes. It does not have long lasting wear about 2 hours max. The best thing about it is that my hair does not stick to it :) According to the package it has Mimosa extract and Mango Seed Oil with vitamins A,C and E. It's not tested on Animals and is Paraben free.

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