Tuesday, July 12, 2011

IMATS 2011

These pictures are from IMATS. This is the second year I have attended and I was a little more impressed by them last year. MUFE was selling all of their products at 40% off last year and being that I was a little unprepared money wise last year I did not take advantage. So, I thought this year I will save money and be more prepared. Well, this time MUFE was having two discounts. One, 20% off for non makeup artists, and 40% for makeup artists. Needless to say I did not buy anything at 20% off. Why even bother. Later that day I started feeling a little sorry for myself and bought one lipstick and one concealer. I wanted a foundation but they were sold out. Well, when I got home I noticed that the MUFE people gave me a lipgloss instead of a lipstick. I had to mail the lipstick to MUFE headquarters so they could exchange it for the right one. It all worked out at the end but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Anyway, these are the pics my cousin and I took. The highlight of the day was to have our eyebrows done by the brow guru EUGENIA WESTON. Last year the line was too long for her so we did not wait but this time there was no line and we scored. You can see the difference in my cousin's eyebrows. Eugenia is so good at eyebrows and even on mine that I get really sensitive when plucking. Her plucking does not hurt at all. I'm totally visiting her salon in the valley. Enjoy!


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