Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Avon Ideal Flawless BB Cream

Everyone and I mean everyone has a BB cream is seems like. And now they are moving on to the CC creams. My favorite BB creams are Stila's and Flower by Drew Barrymore. Avon's is no exception when they say their BB cream hydrates, even skin tone and all that jazz. For those of you who want a more formal explanation of what it does here's the scoop from their website Avon.com

Lightweight coverage. 10-in-1 Beauty Balm:
- infused with Vitamin E
- infused with minerals and antioxidants
- hydrates skin
- evens skintone
- visibly minimizes redness

- conceals flaws
- lightweight feel
- smoothes skin
- SPF 15 protection
- skin looks better even after removing*

I always have a problem with BB creams and their shades. Some seem way to gray and some that leave on a white cast because of the SPF. I like my BB creams with no SPF so it does not leave a white cast in case you take pictures. Avon's does have SPF and I have not tired to take pictures with it on. I like the feel and I like the texture. The texture is on the thin side and it does have very light shimmer particles which I do not like but they seem to go away if you put some powder on top. It did even out my skin tone and hydrated my skin. After about the 4 hour mark it seems to fade away and I did get shiny in my t-zone. The shade I purchased is medium and as far as shades go it's a true neutral medium. Overall, the price point is not bad (I paid $7.99 for it on sale) and if your going to run some errands and want to skip moisturizer and go straight for a BB cream this one could be your go to one.


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