Monday, January 9, 2012

Review Revlon PhotoReady Color Correcting Primer

I love primers and I can't get enough of my favorite one, Loreal's Magic Perfecting Base. The only downside to Magic Perfecting Base is that it's in pot form and if you have any type of nails your bound to get product into or on top of your nails plus it's not that sanitary. But hey, I can handle all that because I love that primer and it works for my skin type. I'm a fan of the Revlon Photoready foundation and with all the new photoready stuff coming out I wanted to try this one. I already love the mousse foundation. There were two primers to chose from the perfecting one and the color correcting one. I need color corrector because I have shallowness and redness to my skin.

According to Lightweight primer smoothes skin while evening out skin tone with color correcting pigments that neutralize redness and uneven color. Wear alone or under foundation.
The Good:
  • It has a pump
  • It does correct redness and makes the skin flawless
  • It covers big pores
  • It has a pinkish/purple tint that blends seamlessly with the skin
  • You only need 1 pump for your whole face
  • I think it can work with any skin type
  • It's lightweight
The Bad:
  • It's about $14.99

As you can see I really don't see anything bad to this product except the price. But even that, you can get when they are BOGO and use a coupon so it's worth it. I think it's a good alternative to Loreal's Magic Perfecting Base if you find it too thick especially for oily or combo skin. I've been using this for 2 weeks and it did not break out my skin. I will use Magic Perfecting Base in the Winter and cooler months and Revlon will be my staple for the summer and hotter months. In my pics you can see the color pinkish/purple and how dry my hand is. In the next pic I blended it and my dryness is gone. You can see where I did not blend on purpose where the eyeliner is so that you can see the difference it made on my skin. By the way that eyeliner I was testing for durability and dang it's stayed on forever, it is the ELF waterproof eyeliner pen.

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