Monday, May 16, 2011

NYX Dissapointment SALE

For those of you that don't know NYX had a big sale for their 12th anniversary. Most of the items (not all) were $1.20. Apparently NYX did not know how to handle the massive response they had and their servers could not handle the traffic. I tried to check out for 3hours and nothing. There were many things wrong with the sale. People had 2 things in their cart instead of 1, other people's credit card numbers were showing up while people tried to check out and who knows what else. The saddest part is that NYX has promised a 50% off coupon code with free shipping. 50% off does nothing when items were $1.20. I understand that there were technical difficulties and the site crashed. But they should honor the SALE price to the people who were waiting forever to check out. I called customer service and they are suppose to put the 50% off code on Facebook. On their twitter page it said WE had to send them an email to get the code. It's sad that NYX's customer service is really bad. What's even worse is that they don't care about complaints because people will still buy their makeup.
 Should I continue to buy makeup from them? Would you? 


Amy said...

Well I'd continue to buy their products. I understand people were upset and claiming "false" advertising and what not, but they had no idea that was going to happen. And all of us computer owners know, they can certainly suck sometimes out of nowhere. I still love their products, but I have a local Ulta store that carries them, so there's no need for the internet shopping. I ALWAYS seem to have an amazing coupon for Ulta.

Elsa's Daughter said...

I don't blame NYX, I know many companies have technical difficulties. But I do blame them for their lack of customer service. I've heard they have had bad sales like this before but I don't know if it's true. I remember them having a sale a while back and I did purchase things but they were not at that low price and the site did not crash. I do think that running a sale that big should have required tech service the whole time the sale was going on.